The overall budget for FY 2021/22 is estimated at Kshs. 3.66 Trillion. The budget for the three arms of Government is estimated at; The Executive (Kshs. 1,895.14 Billion), Parliament (Kshs. 46.61 Billion) and the Judiciary (Kshs.17.92 Billion). On tax performance, the National Treasury has consistently set overambitious revenue targets during the budget-making process. Actual tax revenue collection in 2019/20 was Ksh. 1,584 billion against the printed estimates target of Ksh. 1,758 billion. The National Treasury projects a total revenue collection of Ksh. 2,039 billion (16.4% of GDP) in 2021/22 of which, ordinary revenue will be Ksh. 1,776 billion (14.3% of GDP).

Institute of Public Finance

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