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climate change

25 Nov
Why Developing Economies MUST Adopt “Green Public Finance Management” in tackling Climate Change Predicaments in Post-COP27 pledges
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As the name defines it, “Green PFM” helps to integrate environment and/or climate-friendly perspective into PFM practices, systems, and frameworks. Countries at the COP27 climat...
12 Nov
Image Credit: COP26 Official Twitter Page
First Draft of COP26 Climate Deal is Published
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The first draft of an agreement setting out how countries will cut emissions to avoid temperature rises of above 1.5C has been published. Released by the UK, the draft outlines ...
04 Nov
COP26 Climate Cisco
COP26: World Leaders Gather to Discuss Urgent Action on Climate Change
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LEADERS ACROSS THE WORLD GATHER AT COP26 TO DISCUSS URGENT ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE Extreme weather conditions and high record temperatures are pushing the planet to dangerous c...
19 Oct
Keynote Paper: The integration of climate change into budgeting and finance
KEYNOTE PAPER: The Integration of Climate Change into Budgeting and Finance
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Climate change, previously only considered an environmental and development challenge, is now widely acknowledged as a pressing fiscal concern. African governments are now commi...