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25 Feb
Counties to prioritize own source revenue collections
Prioritize Own-Source Revenue Collections to Supplement Budget, Counties Told
Category: PFM Briefs
The Constitution of Kenya 2010 has enhanced citizen participation, which gives a chance for the people to determine how the Government of Kenya runs matters in the country. For ...
13 Jan
Institute of Public Finance Kenya's Head of Research John Nyangi with Chief Executive Officer James Muraguri
Macro-Fiscal Analytic Snapshot 2021 and Kenya’s 2022 Economic Outlook
Category: News and Events
Theme: Inevitable need for urgent fiscal consolidation in uncertain economic times Kenya’s economic damage caused by Covid-19 is worse than originally anticipated, with a downtu...
19 Oct
Keynote Paper: The integration of climate change into budgeting and finance
KEYNOTE PAPER: The Integration of Climate Change into Budgeting and Finance
Category: Our Blog
Climate change, previously only considered an environmental and development challenge, is now widely acknowledged as a pressing fiscal concern. African governments are now commi...
08 Apr
Stop TB
Challenge Facility for Civil Society Project on TB financing in Kisumu and Meru Counties
Category: Uncategorized
The projects seek to build advocacy capacities of communities for right based, gender-responsive, people centered and accountable TB response in Kisumu and Meru Counties in Kenya.
07 Feb
Economic Growth
Kenya’s Macro Fiscal Analytic Snapshot 2020
Category: News and Events
Kenya has been growing robustly for many years, but has not used this opportunity to reduce vulnerability to shocks – deficits have been unsustainably high, and debt service is ...
20 Nov
Budget Reading
Category: Memorandum
The Institute of Public Finance (IPFK) and The International Budget Partnership Kenya (IBPK) have presented a submission to the National Treasury and Planning. It focuses on the...
25 Apr
Counties to prioritize own source revenue collections
Budget documents availability in the East Africa region has deteriorated
Category: PFM Briefs
Transparency and accountability by governments in spending helps to check corruption, promote fiscal responsibility and allows for greater and more meaningful participation by c...
25 Apr
Counties and Budgets
Counties should tell us how they spend our cash
Category: Our Blog
County governments have struggled to raise sufficient revenue of their own. There have also been reports of poor use of available resources. Worth appreciating is that county bu...