1. Research Analyst


Job Summary
The Macro Fiscal and Public Debt Unit (MFPDU) conducts research and analysis on macroeconomic and fiscal issues, with a particular focus on public debt management and sustainability. We work with policymakers, civil society organizations, and the private sector to promote sound fiscal policies and responsible debt management practices.


We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Research Analyst to join our MFPDU team. The Data Analyst will play a key role in supporting our research program on macro fiscal and public debt issues, contributing to the development of high-quality research outputs and engaging with
stakeholders to ensure our research has an impact


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2. Data Analyst


Job Summary
The Data and Measurement Unit at IPF supports collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating high-quality data and evidence while developing robust data management systems. Our expertise in handling complex datasets is crucial in generating evidence-based research that can inform policy.

We are seeking to recruit an experienced Data Analyst to join our data and measurement team. The Data Analyst will play a key role in providing technical support in data extraction, generation of data collection tools as well as ensuring data is accurate, up to date, well documented and


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