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About Us

The Institute of Public Finance (IPF) is an independent, non-political, and non-religious think tank based in Nairobi, which aspires to further the ideas of open Public Finance Management systems through research, trainings, and capacity strengthening.


Our Values

  • People: We embrace diversity and treat our employees, our associates, our clients and all our partners with professionalism, dignity, and respect.
  • Integrity: Our business affairs will always be conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Courage: We seize available opportunities and take responsibility for our content and opinions.
  • Relevant: We are creative, relevant, and responsive in the public finance management space.

Delivering unquestionable evidence for Public Finance Management policy and action.


Providing quality advice and engagement to enhance equity, responsiveness and Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP) of Public Finance Management systems.


Formal Participation in the Budget Process

Strengthening formal mechanisms of participation in budgeting to ensure greater legitimacy of the formal budget process.

Oversight and Accountability

Strengthening the capacity of the executive (PFM supply) and PFM oversight/accountability stakeholders.

PFM Fellowship

PFM fellowship program to build a deep pool of resources to support Public Financial Management.

PFM Reforms

Mobilization of citizens and other stakeholders (PFM demand) to engage on PFM reforms with a focus on service delivery to ensure targeted resource allocation.

Tax Policy Reforms

Providing technical assistance for tax policy for improved domestic resource mobilization.

Opening the Dark Corners of the Budget

Opening up the dark corners of the budget, particularly those related to state owned enterprises,contingent liabilities, and debt, to ensure greater public debate and oversight..

Flagship Analytic Products

Promotion of alternative approaches to development through generation of flagship analytic products, such as the National Annual Shadow Budget by IPFK™ and the Annual Macro-Fiscal Analytic Snapshot (MFAS).

Our Partners